October 2019  
Bible Search
Vacation Bible School
Director: Tammy Tucker

Kids in grades K-6 will seek animals in rainforests, grasslands, frozen tundra, and even the Rocky Mountains with “In the Wild.” “In the Wild” will have kids embark as photographers, seeking to snap pictures in settings decorated to mimic animals’ natural habitats. Along the way, kids will also learn about real-life encounters people had with Jesus and discover how biblical snapshots of the Savior provide an opportunity to respond to the gospel. The experience begins on Sunday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m. with a hamburger and hotdog kickoff supper. "In the Wild" rotations begin at 6:00 and go until 8:30 Sunday through Thursday. For more information contact Tammy Tucker at 325-529-3227 or office@potosibaptistchurch.org.