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July 7, 2017, 10:55 AM


Zoo Unity

A man passed by a cage at the zoo and noticed that in the cage was both a large lion and an active monkey.

He saw a zoo worker nearby and asked, ‘How does that work having both a lion and a monkey in the same cage?

It works ok for the most part, replied the worker.

Do they ever not get along? Asked the man

Every once in a while, the worker said.

What happens then? The man asked.

We just get a new monkey, said the worker.


“Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common”, Acts 2:44


3500 to 4500 churches close their doors every year (that is and average of 10 to 13 churches everyday closing their doors)

Half of all churches added NO-ONE in the past year by conversion

Churches loss 2,765,000 each year to nominal issues

1400 pastors leave the ministry every month

In the past 5 years 10,000 churches have closed in the U.S.

60% of Christians say they are deeply committed to their faith, only 1 in 4 have a place of service in their church

Less than 50% say the Bible is totally accurate, only 1 in 3 believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith with others

Dr. Jim Feeney in his 8 damaging trends

               Diminishing Doctrinal Preaching with more and more church members not bringing Bibles

               More and More “Me-centered” worship instead of God-centered

               Fewer and Fewer “Gifts of the Spirit” (being taught, shared)

               Fewer and Fewer “Prayer services”

               Very few testimonies in church anymore

In Acts “THE FIRST CHURCH” was a church operating under the power of the Holy Spirit and it was a church on a mission to take the gospel to the world. The FIRST CHURCH was excited to share Jesus and committed to obedience and worship. THE FIRST CHURCH was a VITAL, GROWING CHURCH WITH FELLOWSHIP AND UNITY.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be a part of THE FIRST CHURCH than a part of a declining church.

I pray that you will join me in praying for this week’s message and worship as we look at the FIRST CHURCH in Acts 2:40-47.



6pm fellowship meal meeting to follow

In this meeting: The personal committee will recommend that the church call by vote HUNTER BROWN to be our Youth Minister with an annual salary of $10,400 or $200 weekly. Hunter grew up in Clyde, TX is living in Abilene and currently a Master’s student in the Bible department of HSU. Our committee is unanimous in its decision to present Hunter as our next youth minister and this has been a process of prayer and meetings that have been taking place over a two-month period. We are excited to be presenting Hunter and look forward to God’s continued blessing upon our youth and their families.

Also in this meeting, the deacons will recommend that the church purchase a Canon IRC 5235a from “ALL COPY” at a cost of $4500 with an annual contract for maintenance of $250 for 1500 copies monthly. Our old machine which lasted longer than normal (7 years) is gone. It completely died a couple of weeks ago and we have been using this machine since and in all our research and looking with other copier companies this is the “best buy”.


Coming Soon

Super Summer Sunday Services! All the month of August, we will host the first Sunday evening on August 6th.

It is time to begin filling “SHOE BOXES” for Operation Christmas Child. We are continuing to look daily at the order site to get our boxes and as soon as they make it available to order we will get them shipped to us.



A Praise Darren B. has been cleared by his heart doctor to have his shoulder surgery, Mike Collier, Gail Curtis surgery 18th of July, Jerry & Shirley Harkrider’s son Tim will have hip surgery on 17th of July, Bro. Tom is at home and continuing to recover



See you in worship!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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