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November 4, 2016, 9:45 AM

The Religion of Tribulation

It is almost over and I can promise you that no one is going to be sad that is over. That is what I have been hearing and that people are getting exhausted with this election and will be ready to relax. On a serious note, I hope that if you have not voted early you will go next week on election day and caste a vote.

When you read Revelation 18 you read words and phrases like “the abundance of her luxury”, “she glorified herself and lived luxuriously”, “lived luxuriously with her” and “in one hour such great riches came to nothing.” Chapter 17 and 18 are talking about Babylon and many think and I agree that Babylon in these two chapters is referring to the religion of the tribulation period and probably either a place and a political power or at least a political power.

It is also thought that the political power comes from the religion and power that the “One Church” of the tribulation grows into but the power from the church turns on the church to do away with the church.

Since there is so much said about the wealth of the church during the tribulation I thought I would research the “Top Ten Wealthiest” churches today. (In case the LORD returns soon and one of them may be the one to take over during tribulation)

10. Church of Scientology

9. Free Masonry

8. Protestantism

7. Televangelist

6. Episcopalian Church

5. Church of England

4. Church of Latter Day Saints

3. Judaism

2. and 1.    You must come to church to hear who they are!

And for fun I looked up the top ten wealthiest pastors (by the way I am not one of them).

10. Rick Warren   9. Franklin Graham 8. Ed Young 7. Eddi Long 6. Joel Osteen 5. Benny Henn 4. Charles Blalie 3. John Hagee 2. Kenneth Copeland 1. Creflo Dallar


To tell you the truth I do not know what religion is going to be the church of the tribulation time, and it may not even already exist and I am not even going to be around to find out, so some may ask why are we even talking about it? My answer is because if we know that it is a real thing that is going to happen and it is going to cause people to be lost and die without Jesus then we should be desiring to be stronger witnesses today so our family and friends can get saved and not have to go thru any of the tribulation.

I pray that you will join me this Sunday as we “The Religion of Tribulation” in Revelation 17-18


Operation Christmas Child

Our boxes need to be in this week! If you still have your boxes, please fill them and get them back to us this weekend. If you do not get them to us this weekend. If you do not get them to us on time hopefully you will have time to take them directly to FBC Abilene the collection center. Thank you to all who have helped us with this ministry this year! So far we have 160 filled and ready to go and I believe we will have many more that will come in this weekend


Remember we are trying to get all our preliminary work finished for this coming business meeting. The Nominating, Personnel and Budget are each trying to have all their reports and recommendations ready to give at this months’ business meeting.

If you are on the Personnel committee there will be a meeting of your committee this coming SUNDAY AFTERNOON! Call the office or Tim Richards for a time.


Remember our Thanksgiving Fellowship meal is this month(the 20th)! There is a sign-up list outside the sanctuary to list what you would bring for food and dessert.

There is also a sign-up list for this years’ poinsettias. It is also on the table outside the sanctuary.


Prayer list: James Burleson and family death of his sister Jan Loper, Ken Childers (Mark’s dad recovering from surgery), Debbie Maxwell (Melissa B mom surgery Friday morning), Sandy Clifton (has a bleeding artery that needs to be fixed)


Thank you for your prayers. See you Sunday!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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