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September 6, 2016, 9:16 AM

The Moment of Silence


This will be our 7th baptism since the beginning of 2016! A couple of weeks ago young John Daniel Mason and his mom came up to me before church and John said “I want to be baptized like my Uncle Elton was recently.” That began a conversation and this last Sunday after church in my office John Daniel prayed and invited Jesus into his heart to be his savior! Don’t miss this Sunday as we celebrate with John and his family his salvation and baptism.



August was a month of both joy and sorrow. August is always a blessing because of our combined services and opportunities to fellowship and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I am not going to share all the details and most of you probably know most of the details but we had two situations happen that either of could have hurt us as a church family. The one looks like it is or has taken at least two adults away from our church family and possibly 3 teens, the other was like a wrestling match between brothers who were fighting for a moment but got up and went back to being brothers.

I shared that to say this, as your pastor I have been emphasizing that we PRAY MORE (our 2016 Prayer Challenge) and I have been this summer RAISING THE BAR IN THE AREA OF BIBLE STUDY. Satan doesn’t like it for us to want to Pray More or Study our Bible more, we might grow spiritually if we do that. He (that ugly devil) has tried to hurt us or stop us with some attacks this past month but the good news is GOD’S BLESSINGS ARE GREATER THAN Satan’s attacks! We had our highest attended worship service (134) of the summer in August! We had a couple Scot and Chayla Henderson join our church family in August! We baptized Catlyn and Ashtyn during the month of August! And now we are beginning September with another baptism!

Satan, leave us alone; you are no match for our GOD! Satan, you may attack but we will keep SERVING and LOVING OUR GOD! Satan, you cannot take away more than God can give!!!



We have lots of boxes so if you have not picked one up yet come and get one or two or three. We do not have to have them back until the first week of November so you have 8 weeks to fill as many boxes as you can.

We have 11 boxes returned and filled! Let’s give it our best effort and fill as many as we can!



September is when we annually take up our state missions offering for mission work in our own state of Texas. Our goal is $1,000 and we have mission offering envelopes available. Please be praying about the amount God would have you to give in support of this offering.



Sunday, September 18th at 3pm we will have our deacon ordination service. We will not have our evening service that Sunday. We are having our service in the afternoon to allow members of other churches who would like to be here the opportunity to come and then get back to their evening service.



Revelation 8:1 When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

Can you imagine “silence in heaven”? Do you remember chapter four and five which described the Throne in heaven and Worship in heaven and it talked about all the singing and praising and 4:5 even said ‘from the throne proceeded lightning’s, thundering, and voices? Why all of a sudden is it SILENT in heaven?

We learn in 8:3-4 that there is going to be a connection to Prayers. For one I believe this should give Christians assurance that “Prayers do make it to heaven, and therefore to God”! It should also tell us that “Prayers matter to God”. In John’s vision when the 7th sealed was opened it got silent in heaven for “half an hour”. HOW LONG IS HALF AN HOUR IN HEAVEN?

When you get that half an hour question figured out let me know. More important than that question is (in my opinion), why did it get silent? I hope you will join me this coming Sunday as we continue to study the book of Revelation with this sermon series.

This week we will cover chapter 8:1-13 and I am thinking strongly of covering thru chapter 9 so we can glance at all or the first six trumpets because they all are part of the huge reason for the silence in heaven. The message is still under some construction but at the moment I believe it is going to be titled: THE MOMENT OF SILENCE and our text will be Revelation 8:1-9:21.

Please come and join us for worship and this sermon series and please keep praying for God to guide the sermon preparation.


PRAYER NEEDS: Jack Tucker (Hendrick Hospital), Lynn Petterson, Paula Davis, Melvin’s 2nd cousin Danny was burned badly and taken to Lubbock, Jeannie Fredrich (shoulder surgery, 9-8), PRAISE FOR RAIN! (We had another 2 inches), Pray for continued unity, fellowship and growth.


Thanks for your prayers! See you Sunday!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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