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December 2, 2016, 10:24 AM

The Heart of the Millenium

And they lived and reigned with Christ for 1,000 years. Revelation 20:4

From this short verse of the Bible comes three really, different beliefs about the end of time.

                a) Postmillennialism: believes the 2nd coming of Christ will happen after the 1,000 years, postmillennialist do not believe the 1,000 years is a literal number, believers in this look for the world to get better and better until it is in what would be the “Golden Age” and “everyone” would become a Christian and then Christ will return.

                b) Amillennialism: the (a) before the word (millennial) means there will be NO millennial. This view came about because of human influence and reluctance to believe God meant His word as literal.

                c) Premillennialism: This is the view were the rapture of the church happens (the 2nd coming of Jesus), then the tribulation of 7 years and then the 1,000-year reign of Christ on earth.


The word “millennium” is not in the Bible but it means 1,000 and a specific time-period of 1,000 years is mentioned in Revelation 20. It may not be mentioned by the name of “millennium” but many believe it is the topic of many prophetic writings in scripture such as Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jerimiah, Amos and verses such as Matthew 25:31-46 where it is speaking of the “Son of Man coming in His glory” and “all nations will be gathered to Him” and He will separate them from one another.”

Not everyone believes there will be a “Millennial Reign” of Jesus Christ and not everyone who believes that there will be a “Millennial Reign” believes the same things about it.

Why is there going to be a Millennial Reign? What is it going to be like during the Millennial Reign? Who is going to be around during the Millennial Reign?

Will there be sin during the Millennial Reign?

Satan is going to be bound and there will be no influence from Satan, the antichrist or the false prophet (they are also locked up in hell). This brings into discussion the aspect of sin or no sin during this time. Can people live without sinning when they are not being influenced to sin by the devil or his demons?

When will God’s final judgment occur? Will it happen before the Millennial Reign begins or will it happen at the end of the Millennial Reign? Will there be un-saved people living during the Millennial Reign?

About the only thing, I know for sure is there are more questions than there are answers about the Millennial. Pray that we will find and share the answers God would have us to know. Come and join us this coming Sunday as we continue with our series of sermons on the Book of Revelation.


It is time for our LOTTIE MOON CHRISTMAS OFFERING, this is our offering we take up during this time of year for mission work around the world. Please be in prayer about how much you can give to support the sharing of the gospel around the world by our SBC missionaries. Last year we received around $2,700 let’s make that our goal to go over this year!


Our Christmas Card mail-box will be up soon, very possibly this weekend. Use the mail-box for your cards to church families and give the money saved from postage to the mission offering.


Beginning in January of 2017 we are going to make the change from mailing out monthly newsletters to posting them on line. We do want you to be able to get our monthly news so if you do not have a computer and internet access please let us know and we will continue to mail you a copy.

We have some extra poinsettias if you would like contact the church office or Teresa soon and purchase one in honor/memory of someone.


Prayer needs: Marjorie Jack (Abilene Regional), Linda Mayfield (Health South rehab hospital), Jim and Bill Davis’s mother is in Abilene Regional, Sandra Burleson infusion treatment (pray that it works) search for a nursery worker,



A young man was learning to fly and it was time to learn the landing phase of his instructions. The instructor asked “Are you ready to go down?” The student replied “Let’s do it.” The plane began to descend and the instructor noticed the student appeared to be very calm with no sign of nervousness. The instructor even thought to himself this is going to be a great pilot with the way he seems to be handling this landing. The plane continued to descend and then suddenly it hit the runway with a bang and bounced up and then down again and running off the runway and crashing into the dirt of a field. The instructor said “Son I have been teaching a long time and that was the worst landing ever by a student of mine.” The student replied, “Me, I thought you were landing the plane.”

Who is piloting your life?

Sunday will be here soon! I pray you will join me in worship this Sunday as we offer our LORD the praise and glory due His precious name!

See you then, thanks for the prayers!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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