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July 8, 2016, 12:00 AM


WELCOME TO MY CHURCH, SARDIS will be our message this coming Sunday and the next in our series on the seven churches in Revelation. Our text is Revelation 3:1-6.

When you do a background study on Sardis you find that it was a city with some very natural high cliffs for fortification and along with its fortified walls people got complacent thinking they were safe because no one could defeat them. They were defeated though, as the story goes, because a guard dropped his helmet from his high point and the enemy watched him retrieve it by going up and down a secret hidden trail. They then used the secret trail to march their army up and into the city and took control.

Sardis was a city that was like Thyatira, Pergamos, Smyrna and Ephesus with its own amount of idol worship and industry. Sardis was a wealthy city. Sardis like the other cities had a church, and according to the picture Revelation paints, it was one that appeared on the outside to be very active because they had “works” and they had “a name” but they were dead.

The church in Sardis was just going thru the motions. They had worship services. They had different activities for youth, children, women and men, but they were only appearing on the outside to be a church because God could see their hearts and there was “next to nothing” on the inside.

God told them to “strengthen the things that remain” so there must have been hope in their heart, and some salvation to cling to and grow from but it was getting really close to being a church without any salvation.

Please join me in praying for this week’s message as we continue our series “Welcome to My Church”. I pray that Sardis does not describe your church but if it does I pray that you hear God’s Words and act on them and allow God to make the necessary changes in your life today before it is too late.



Brandon is ready for his baptism! Join with us this Sunday morning in worship as we baptize Brandon.


We have had a great summer! It has been a full and busy summer and because of all the activities in the month of June and all the activities coming in August this is our only business meeting of the summer. Join us the Sunday as we have our fellowship meal and the meeting. Everything is going well and most of our emphasis will be on reports and fellowship.


It will not be long until our combined services with our sister churches will be here. I spokewith  Bro. Jim (Hamby) and Bro. Charley(Eula) this past week and everyone is getting excited that it  is about time for our fellowship times and services together. Thanks to our ladies on the kitchen ministry team as they are getting everything ready so we can be the first ones to have our friends over on Sunday August 7th. Thanks to Terri for working and getting our guests speakers (which will talk about the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Ministry) and thanks to Margie Bryan and her grandchildren for putting all the shoeboxes together. Mark your calendars for “ALL” the Sunday’s in August and plan to be part of the Super Summer Sunday Services.


Some of you may actually be sitting on the bus as it is making its way to the game as you read this. If you are on the way to the game, have fun and a great timeof  fellowship. If you are not on the trip, pray for the safety of those who are.


Prayer needs: Tammy Tucker’s son Blaine (knee surgery), Tammie & Darren’s daughter Chelsey is pregnant and hurting with tooth pain so medication is an issue and she had a wisdom tooth pulled, our new challenge to reach 100 in Bible Study,



Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. See you Sunday in Worship and Bible Study!


Your pastor and friend,

Bro. Keith

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