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September 7, 2018, 9:35 AM



We had a great day all day this past Sunday, Dr. Jeff Steed brought our morning service and talked to us and encouraged us to “Leave a Legacy”! I am still thinking about a statement Dr. Steed made during his message which was “the lady who gave the two mites, was not thinking that her story was going to be repeated and shared 2,000 years after she gave them.” I am still letting that sink in that some of our small things may be impacting others in a long-lasting future way! Thanks again Dr. Steed for bringing our morning message.

Sunday evening, we had our first SUPER SUMMER SUNDAY SERVICE! THANK YOU FOR BEING GREAT HOSTS! We had (I didn’t officially count) 120 or even more here for our first service! Again, we had great fellowship with our friends and family from our sister churches. Our food was awesome, and our ladies did a super job once again and it is hard to describe but the cookie table was “spectacular”. In case you missed it, the cookie table was so neat that people were afraid to take cookies to begin with because they did not want to miss up the decoration. Thank You, men for cooking all the hamburgers and hotdogs! Thanks to all who served and came early to help us be good hosts!


Our Super Summer Sunday Service will be at EULA BAPTIST this coming Sunday evening. We will meet with them at 5pm for a meal and worship time at 6pm.



Saturday, August 11th from 8-1


Get your boxes, fill your boxes, help bless children all around the world with gifts and the love of Jesus



Why Are You Here?

Several weeks ago, when we began this series we first talked about the man who because his son was dying was in need of JESUS PRESENCE. He wanted Jesus to go heal his son.

Then we talked about the woman who came to Jesus with the bleeding issue she had had for 12 years. Her health was getting worse and she had spent all she had on trying to find a cure. She did not want Jesus Presence in fact she just wanted to secretly receive “HIS POWER”. She learned that you can receive His power but not without His knowing it.

A couple of week’s ago we talked about the woman who was a sinner that came to the dinner Jesus was sharing with the Pharisee. She didn’t have a physical issue, but she did have a sin issue and because of the guilt of her sin she was in need of “JESUS PEACE”.


Long story short for the past couple of weeks’ I have felt as if there was at least one more message I should be preaching about this, but I couldn’t get figure it out. I wanted it to be another “P” word like Presence, Power and Peace but I just wasn’t seeing it. I have been praying about it and asking God to either take away the feeling that I should preach one more or make it clearer what it is I was to preach.

My conversation with God was going something like this. “God please help me to see the next sermon”. God’s answer seemed to be for days, “Keith Pray”. I would keep praying and asking and kept hearing the same thing, then with a smile and a slap to my forehead I said, “Thank You Lord, I get it now… the next reason to come to Jesus is to PRAY!”




Luke 11:1


11 Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

How often are you praying? Why do you pray? What things do you pray for? How long do you pray? Would you rather pray than read your Bible? Would you rather pray than watch TV?

Has pray changed your life? When was the last time God answered one of your prayers?


We have a lot we can talk about when it come to praying. I pray that you will join me for one more message in this “Why are you here” series. This week’s message is “Coming to Jesus to Pray” and our text will be Luke 11:1, please join me for this worship and message and bring your family and friends.


Prayer needs: Shelby Borton (still in Hendrick), Pat Smith (Wesley court), Brycen Potts, Cindi Thornton, Rain,

See you Sunday! It will be another SUPER SUNDAY!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith


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