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September 1, 2017, 10:57 AM


OOPS, I confess awhile back I noticed our Christian flag was looking a little worn and I was going to take it down to replace it. I went out to the poll and untied it and tried to pull the rope down but it seemed to be hung up and would not move. I tugged a few times but I really didn’t have time so I just tied it back to wait for another time. Will the other day that “another time” came and I went out expecting to have to use a little more muscle in the pulling to get the rope unhung? Well this is when the oops came in because I untied the rope and pulled and it started coming down very easily and I thought to myself “I wander why it was hard last time and easy this time”, and then as I was looking up I saw my big mistake. I forgot to make sure that both ends of the rope were tied together and by the time I realized what was happening it was too late, so all the rope is down. I apologize and soon you can come watch the preacher climb a flag pole to put the rope back thru the pully. And as Paul Harvey used to say “Now you know the rest of the story.”


Thank You for the gracious love offering to the Andersons. Thank you, Mike and Karen, for leading our worship last Sunday morning. I was blessed by the message in music and “His Word”, thanks again and our prayer is for God’s leading in your lives as you seek His direction.

Thank You for supporting our Super Summer Sunday Services! It is hard to believe they have already come and gone for another year. Thank you for attending, we had a considerable number from our church each week! Looking back, we had great attendance, great fellowship meals and we took up offerings and sent to “Hospice”, “a Church in Pennsylvania”, our State missions and to the Baptist Men’s Relief fund to help with the victims of Harvey. Thanks for your support of the offerings!



We have 200 boxes ready to be filled for the Operation Christmas Child ministry. Here are some ways you can help fill boxes. Our goal is to fill all the boxes or even more to bless 200 or more children around the world at Christmas with the love of Jesus.

               Pick up a box or several and fill them as an individual or family project.

               Make a contribution, for $20 to $25 a box can be filled and the postage price of $9 each can be paid.

               In list the help of others, encourage your friends, other family members, neighbors or co-workers to fill a box.

               Bring extra things you have purchased from filling your boxes and we can use them to fill extra boxes here at the church.


Prayer needs: Kyle Swinny and family (death of his mother), Frank Healer (heart), Gail Curtis (Hendrick hospital), Tom & Glenda Satterwhite (Bro Tom is having problems with Blood pressure and he said Glenda is weak and in need of our prayers), victims of the hurricane (Harvey),

Pray for Teresa and me as we travel to New Mexico. By the time you get this we should be will on our way to Santa Fe where I will be teaching a conference on forgiveness. Hunter will be leading our worship and preaching this coming Sunday. Lift Hunter in prayers and be in church to support him and one another in worship.


I pray you have a blessed weekend, see you next week.


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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