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January 20, 2017, 10:15 AM

New Jerusalem


If you would volunteer to keep our nursery for the worship hour this Sunday, January 22nd please let me know, thank you.



I hope you are making plans to attend our men’s chili cook-off! It will be Sunday evening January 29th at 6pm.



Don’t forget we are going to have an ingathering offering on Sunday morning January 29th. This is our offering to support foreign mission ministry around the world. So far, we have received $896.



If you are interested in having a baby or child dedicated, please let me know. We do not have a Baby dedication service scheduled but would like to plan one. I have one family interested and am just trying to see if there may be others.


PRAYER NEEDS: Jim Davis (heart-bypass surgery this week is in Hendrick), Peggy Templeton (Michelle Collier’s mom in hospice), John Frye (returned home from cancer surgery, may have blood clot in arm), April Polk’s son Chris had appendectomy Bro. Jim McCurly (Hendrick hospital), Linda Mayfield (taken to Hendrick unresponsive).


I have spent most of my time this week with our hospital patients and their families. One of the pluses to being at the hospital so much this week was that I got to also spend some time with a couple that I knew over 20 years ago, (who happened to be in the same waiting area for a surgery of their family member). They are not in church and know they need to be and they promised to be in church @PBC this Sunday. Pray that they come and as we shared a couple of weeks ago, in the message on worship let us all be here so we can encourage one another.

One of the minuses to spending more time in the hospitals than office is “sermon study time” is shorter than normal or shorter than I would like. We will continue our series of messages from Revelation and this week’s text will be 21:9-27. Pray for me as I continue to prepare this message and join me in worship as we discuss the “New Jerusalem”.


Thanks for your prayers, see you in worship!


Bro. Keith

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