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November 3, 2017, 9:50 AM

I Am the Resurrection


For making our “Trunk or Treat” a success! You blessed our community, our church family and shared God’s love, Thank You!


We will be receiving financial donations thru this coming Sunday for our State missions offering then we will total it all up and send it in. I am not sure what the total is or what it will be, but I think we are in the neighborhood of $1000. Thanks for your financial support to missions!

Share the love this thanksgiving! We are gathering groceries to give to families in need. Bring your groceries and put them on the collection table that is decorated and placed just inside the glass entry doorway. Thank You for sharing in Thanksgiving!

Operation Christmas Child, we have ONE MORE WEEK, then we need to have all our boxes filled and returned to the church by Sunday, November 12th so we can take them to the drop off center in Abilene the next day. The last count I had was 75 boxes filled and ready to be sent. We also have a left-over table of stuff in case you want to start another box or help finish one already started. Thank You for sharing God’s love with Children of “His World”!

Mustard Seed Sunday! We will meet at the church this coming Sunday at 3pm and go out in groups and gather can goods and groceries for Mission Abilene. We will return at 5pm so we can beat the early Sunset since time change is this weekend and it is time to FALL BACK one hour. Thank You for helping by taking time to do something to help others and for being a part of Potosi Baptist Church and showing our community that we are serving others!

*Yes, we will still have our monthly deacons meeting.

*In place of our regular evening Bible Study, we will be boxing up and sorting all the groceries gathered. After all the work in collecting and boxing and sorting then all who would like are invited to join in a time of fellowship and a meal at “TAMALES”.


PRAYER NEEDS: Lyn Peterson, Pat Smith, Gail Curtis,


I AM series, we have talked about “I am the Bread”, “I am the Vine” and “I am the Shepherd”. In the same “I am the Shepherd” scripture is where Jesus talks about “I am the door/gate” and it got a brief mention in last week’s message so that is four of the “I am” statements.

Some of you may remember Hunter preaching not long ago about the “Line in the Sand”. It is in that text when the woman caught in adultery is being talked about that Jesus says, “I am the Light”. I am not going to re-preach a message that Hunter covered so recently (and I believe that He covered well)!

So that is 5 of the 7 and only leaves “I am the Way” and “I am the resurrection”. The “I am the resurrection” is found in the story of Lazarus and his death. The Bible story is found in John 11. This will be our message for this coming Sunday. Please join me in praying for this week’s message and worship as we continue our series on the “I Am” statements of Jesus.


Ministry Highlight

This week I would like to highlight our deacon ministry. Every Sunday we have a deacon of the week, they are listed in our bulletin and they open our service with prayer. I am happy to work with each one of these men Jim Davis, Chris Jennings, Darren Belyeu, Frank Healer, Tim Richards, Mike Collier, Mark Childers and Ken Hargis. Something unique about this group is that when I first came in the spring of 2009 to PBC Mike Collier was the only deacon we had then who is still an active deacon today. When I came I knew that we were going to need some good strong leadership to help us as a church family heal and grow. Thru the years of our seeking the LORD’s leadership as a church family these are the leaders that God has put in place, thank you PBC family for seeking the LORD’s guidance and thank you deacons for saying yes to serving the LORD and thank YOU, LORD for answering our prayers.

Honorable mention goes to Melvin Faircloth and Bill Pope, these two men stepped back in from being inactive deacons when I first came. They stepped in when we needed leadership and till we could get some leadership, Thanks guys for helping out!


Let us give Thanks!


See you in worship!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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