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November 28, 2017, 11:15 AM

Happy Thanksgiving


Thank You to everyone who helped make last Sunday a wonderful day! There was lots of food, over 130 in worship and most of them stayed for the meal! We delivered groceries to FIVE FAMILIES this week, so they will have a good Thanksgiving meal! Thanks for sharing in our fellowship meal and thanks for sharing so others will have a Thanksgiving meal!


For those who may have missed Sunday morning, I added our special mission’s activities and our budgeted missions and came up with an estimated figure of what we have given just thru October this year. The ways we gave were thru, Operation Christmas Child with 139 boxes, the car show, our Mustard seed ministry, Share The Love ministry, Gideon Bibles, all our mission’s offerings, BCBA, ACBA Social ministries, SBC cooperative program, and the total was nearly $31,000! I remembered, I did not add in our Super Summer Sunday offerings, it would go up even more with those! I shared that to say THANK YOU for giving and supporting missions! I also did that because I think sometimes we think because we are a smaller church our totals aren’t very large, but 31 to 32 thousand dollars is huge for us! Thanks again for giving!

PRAYER NEEDS: Jim Davis had a stint put in this past week and is home doing well, pray for people’s safety as they travel



We are now receiving our Lottie Moon Foreign mission offering, help us to give our best!


We have a family of two young boys that we have adopted to help with Christmas. I will have the boy’s info to post for clothing sizes next week.


We will also be gathering blankets, coats and gloves for the homeless.


Please be safe if you will be traveling, look forward to seeing you in worship this coming Sunday! Be praying for Hunter as He will be bringing our Sunday message.


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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