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September 8, 2017, 9:07 AM


Thank you, Hunter, for preaching this past Sunday, you did an excellent job!


For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the LORD’s death till He comes. I Corinthians 11:26

Join us in worship this Sunday as we Worship thru the LORD’s Supper and proclaim our LORD’s death and His salvation for us because of His death in our place to pay the penalty our sins caused.


The LORD’s SUPPER will be our message this Sunday and the focus of our worship. As we prepare for this week’s worship and looking ahead to our sharing communion together I am thinking about our forgiveness.


Jesus death on the cross, dying in our place and redeeming us from the penalty of sin means GOD FORGIVES! God did not have to send His Only Son to be our Savior. Jesus did not have to die in our place but He did!

Jesus death on the cross is our forgiveness!

Matt. 26:28 “For this is My Blood of the new covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”

Eph. 1:7 “In Him we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.”

Isa. 1:18 “Come now and let us reason together says the LORD, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”


Thank You LORD for forgiving my sins!


Music to My Heart this week: YouTube Jason Crabb, “Please Forgive Me”


Prayer needs: Pat Smith (broken leg @ Wesley Court), Gail Curtis (at home), Victims recovering from Harvey, those in path of Hurricane Irma


Have you picked up your shoe boxes yet?


Mark your calendar for October 21st we will have our first “Car show”! This year we will have our annual “Ladies Bazar” on Saturday, Oct. 21st and we will also have a car show, start making your plans now to be a part of this weekend.


Remember this Sunday is our Fellowship meal and business meeting. Our meal will begin at 6pm and business meeting will begin at 6:30.


PBC Highlights!

Kyle and Rhonda Swinney and PBC Children’s ministry! Sunday morning Kyle and Rhonda are teaching our young children bible stories in Sunday School and on Wednesday evenings they are teaching our children about missions! Thank you Kyle and Rhonda for loving our children and their families and teaching them about Jesus and being an example of God’s love for them to follow.


Thanks for your prayers! See you in Worship!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith


P.S. Glorieta Highlights… Great spiritual weekend focusing on forgiveness, learned because it is a God thing the gentleman that was leading the music will also be the gentlemen leading the music at the revival I will be preaching coming up the end of September (neither one of us knew this until this weekend), Great Hiking… 8 miles one trip 7 another, 10,000 feet elevation! I would have thought with all the teaching and hiking I would have lost weight but I have spent the week losing the pounds I gained on the weekend (the food and trip to restaurants was tooooooooooo gooooooood), All in All it was a great weekend, but I am ready to be with “my family” in worship at PBC!

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