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February 28, 2018, 10:20 AM

Forgive Them

Would you be like Jesus or would you be like the person who was bitten by a rabid dog and the doctor said, “it is too late to do anything, and you are going to die, you should write your last will and testament and prepare for your death”. The person began to write and after a prolonged period the doctor said “wow, that is a long will and testament!”. The person replied, “This is not my will, it is my list of people I am going to bit!”

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” And they divided His garments and cast lots. Luke 23:34

Could you forgive: Deven Kelley (killed 25 in Southerland Baptist church), Stephen Paddock (killed 58 in Vegas shooting), Dylan Roof (killed 9 in Church in South Carolina) or Adam Lanea (killed 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary)?

Some of you may be saying to yourself, “I wouldn’t want to be in the situation where I would be put to that kind of test”.

What is the toughest or hardest thing or person you have ever had to forgive? Most of us have probably never had to forgive someone for murdering their family.

As I am writing this I am wandering “how many of you reading this are withholding forgiveness” and “why are you not willing to forgive”?

I am guessing most of the answers to those questions would probably go something like; “Preacher, you just don’t understand how deeply I was hurt.” You are correct on one hand “I do not know how deeply you have been hurt.” But the truth is the person WITHHOLDING FORGIVENESS IS ALWAYS WRONG in withholding forgiveness.

How could Jesus as He was dying such a cruel death at the hands of such evil people make such a “loving Statement”?

OOPs, I need to be careful because that last question may really need to be re-worded. It is easy for Christians sometimes to look at all those who put Jesus on the cross as “evil people” but when Jesus said, “forgive THEM”, ARE WE NOT ALSO PART OF THE THEM?

As we continue our sermon series on “Last Words” this Sunday we will be talking about forgiveness. Our text will be Luke 23:34 and our message will be “FORGVIE THEM”. I pray that you will join me this Sunday as we talk about forgiveness.


Men’s Chili Cook-off

Sunday, February 25th @ 6pm

Bring your family and friends, men bring your favorite chili and come an enjoy this fabulous time of food and fellowship. This years’ prizes include a new set of cook-ware.


Coming Soon

               Time Change March 11th “Spring forward”

               Spring Break March 12th-16th

               Spring begins March 20th

Wednesday, March 28th… Special “Easter Passion” Service. A service following the steps of Jesus from the Upper Room to the Grave.

Sunday, April 1st Easter Communion Service


PRAYER NEEDS: Frank Healer (heart-cath), Melody Faircloth (job), Our Nation and our leaders, One another, our worship

Thank you for praying! See you in worship this Sunday!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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