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December 9, 2016, 9:26 AM

For Unto You is Born


Sunday, Evening December 18th at 6 pm

Join us for this special service the week before Christmas. This will be an early Christmas Eve Service. Following the service, we will have a refreshment fellowship. Mark your calendar and join us for this special service and fellowship.


In honor of Shea Leech who is having a kidney transplant (just before Christmas) we will be presenting his parents Mike and Brenda Price with a money tree to help with expenses. Brenda is part of our Kitchen Ministry team and the Kitchen ministry team is taking the lead putting things together to present to Mike and Brenda on the night of our fellowship (12-18-16). Please put your monies in an envelope and mark it Shea Leech so that it will be given to our Kitchen ministry team.



For us really long timer Baptist who have been around forever, we know that this is the name of the offering we take up every Christmas to help support mission work around the world. Some are just calling it the International Missions offering which is the same thing they are just leaving off “Lottie Moon” because lots of younger and newer Baptists do not know who Lottie Moon was or is.

I pray that you will be a part of this offering and help us to give to support the sharing of the gospel around the world. We gave around $2700 last year so we have set a goal of $3,000 for this year.



The Christmas card mail box is ready for your cards. You can bring your cards by the church during the office hours which are 9 to 1 Monday thru Friday and please remember to stop by and look for cards left for you each service.

The New Year 2017

2017 will be here soon! Remember beginning in January our monthly newsletter will be “on-line”. This is just another reminder for those who need to turn in an address for a hard copy.


It has been a couple of years since the last time we did this but I am thinking about preaching your requests as we begin 2017. If you will put your Bible verse on paper with your name and give it to me I will do my best to prepare a message and share it. If you have a special song and include it, I will pass it on to Mike and we will see if we can plan some special services around your requests.


Revelation Series

I know we do not like much being finished with our series of sermons from the Book of Revelation and I really thought from the beginning that we would finish this series this year but I am going to put it on hold till after the first of January so we can focus the next couple of weeks on Christ’s first coming to our world.


I have no idea which Bible verse is used the most on Christmas Cards, and I to be honest couldn’t pick a verse that I like more than any other verse about the birth of Jesus, I like them all!

For today and this email I am going to pick Luke 2:11-12

“For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the LORD. And this will be the sign to you; You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”

Teresa talked to Cassie this morning (Thursday, 12-8-16) and Cassie said the 8th of December was a holiday in Italy and the day they celebrated the “birth of Jesus”.

The truth is we do not know for sure the exact day that Jesus was born on but we do know that as the Bible says “ON THIS DAY”, that there was a real day and it really happened that Jesus was born!

We also know that Jesus was born to be our SAVIOR. Jesus didn’t come to be just another person in humanity but He came to be THE PERSON in humanity who did become our SAVIOR because of His perfect and sinless life, and because of His sacrifice and death on a cruel cross and thankfully because of His victory over sin and death and resurrection!

I love Christmas and giving my children and grandchildren gifts and spending time with family. I enjoy the holiday and watching football and basketball and enjoying the company of family and friends. That is all something that only happens once a year.

I really love Jesus being born to be my Savior and I can celebrate that and be thankful for that “all year”!


Merry Christmas! Join me this Sunday and next and let’s worship our Savior!


Prayer needs this week: Linda Mayfield (at her brothers still trying to get better but still weak and not walking), Marjorie Jack (Abilene Regional Rehab), Shea and Courtney and family (kidney transplant coming soon) pray for the doctors, and the donor, Randy Couch (had some tests this week pray for good results), Jim and Bill Davis’s mother has been moved from Abilene Regional to Wisteria Place


See you in worship! Merry Christmas!

Bro. Keith


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