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October 7, 2016, 9:33 AM

Evil Trinity

We have already talked about Revelation 7 in our series and the “sealing of 144,000” from the tribes of Israel. One of my questions to myself about the saving of the Jews during tribulation is “who is witnessing to them?” I am not questioning God and or their salvation but if all the church/Christians are raptured who will be a witness?

I don’t know that it answers it completely but it helps and that is the effort of Dr. Daniel Fried and the Hope for Israel Mission which is printing New Testaments and taking them to Israel so that Jews can read about salvation today from the New Testament and if they do not get saved today hopefully they will find and read one of these during the tribulation.

I don’t agree with everything Dr. Fried believes or preaches but I do agree with the ministry to reach the Jewish people with the gospel. Dr. Fried is a Jew who is saved and wants to share the message of salvation to the world. He is an evangelist who is preaching salvation.  His daughter is a very talented and gifted harpist and we were blessed to have them minister to us this past Sunday.

Senior Adult day at BCBA in Lueders is coming October 11th. I think it is interesting since we have recently had a Jew, Dr. Fried come and speak that we have an opportunity to hear a missionary from Israel speak during the Senior Adult Day at BCBA. For more info on this you can check out the attachment to this week’s email.


BUSINESS MEETING AND MEAL this coming Sunday evening. We will meet at 6 and our meal this month is Soups & desserts.


Don’t forget Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box and our State Missions offering (November will be here before you know it).


PRAYER: Larry Thornton (health), Frank Healer (heart), Blaine Newman (Tammy Tucker’s son),


Pray for this week’s worship and message please. We will continue our series in Revelation and this week we will be in Revelation chapter 13. Chapter 13 tells us of the Beast that comes rising up out of the sea and the Beast that comes up out of the earth. When you the dragon from chapter 12 and two beasts in chapter 13 this is like the “EVIL TRINITY”. One of the beasts is the Antichrist and the other is the false prophet for the Antichrist and the dragon is the devil and they are all working together to destroy man and God’s creation.

Satan wants to be like God so badly that he will do anything to appear to be like God. We have God our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit the Holy Trinity! Satan is not God and will never be God but to copy God he has the Antichrist which is his version of our Savior and he will have the false prophet which in my opinion is not even close to our Holy Spirit but will be Satan’s version to the world.

A few things to consider as we look ahead to this coming Sunday’s message about the difference between the Antichrist and the True and One and Only Christ; Christ came from Heaven above, the antichrist comes from below, Christ came in God’s Name, the antichrist comes in his own name, Christ came and was despised, the antichrist will be admired, Christ came to do God’s will, the antichrist will do his own will, Christ is the “Son of God” and the Antichrist is the “Son of Perdition”.

That is not the full list of differences but that gives you an idea of how the antichrist who is wanting to be like Christ is not like Jesus at all. Chapter 13 ends with “the Mark”. Sadly, once the mark is received salvation is too late. We need to be trying to lead our lost friends and family to Christ and Salvation today because it is going to get difficult during tribulation and I believe impossible with the mark.

Join me this Sunday as we talk more about the “Evil Trinity”!

See you in worship!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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