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July 6, 2016, 12:00 AM


THANK YOU FOR REACHING THE GOAL OF 12 MONTHS IN A ROW WITH A WORSHIP ATTENDANCE OVER 100! Not only did you add June to the list to make it 12 months in a row but we had over 100 each Sunday, thank you again for growing in faithfulness to worship!

Our next challenge: 100 IN BIBLE STUDY! Not just ours but all Sunday Schools have been in more of a decline pattern the last 20 yrs. I am not sure what the answer is except to say JESUS and I believe that His Word is important to know, believe and study! What used to work isn’t working today so we are going to have to look for new ways to reach more people and get them involved in Bible Study. As we begin this new challenge I ask first for your “Prayer Support”. Prayer works and God will show us the way. I ask also for your commitment to reach and even go over our goal. Commit to being one of the 100 in attendance and commit to being an inviter and encourager to others to attend.

Just some good news: Catlyn Crippen (who goes by KK) invited Jesus into her heart as her LORD and SAVIOR and youth camp is not over yet but the report so far is that we have had two from our group make professions of faith. We should be using the baptistery pretty soon.

We made the switch to a new web-site provider. We had to go without our email’s for a few days while the transition was taking place and that is why we did not send out our weekly email last week. We are back up and the new site is giving us some more abilities that we did not have before. For one we will now also be able to put this email on the webpage blog so you can get it another way. We have in house (or office) control that we did not have before. One of these days it continues to be a goal and this move was a step in the direction to make it happen but you should be able to “Watch Worship and or Preaching” on our website!

Another plus that Tammy told me about this week is that we have a way thru our new web page to give alerts due to weather cancelations. So we can get the word out faster should we need to cancel a service and when the weather is bad just look to our web page for updates.

Thanks for all your prayers, I kept my knee surgery to myself as much as possible and didn’t really say anything about it till the Wednesday night before it happened on Friday. I thought I would bounce back fast and wasn’t planning on not preaching or missing any church. I was wrong and the knee didn’t cooperate as I wanted so at the last minute I called on Truman Turk and thank him that he stepped in for me and thank Dan for stepping in Sunday evening. Thank you for all the calls and prayers checking on me.

Prayer needs: Cheryl Day (rehab hospital), Joe Polk just got out of hospital (he had collapsed lung), Cherry Gleason taken to ER but released (had a busted blood vein), Praise for all the blessings happening! Youth saved this week at camp! KK (Catlyn) making her profession of faith this past Sunday! Pray for one another our church fellowship and unity! (Satan doesn’t like it when things are going well for Jesus!)

This week we will continue our series of messages on the seven churches in Revelation. This Sunday’s message is “Welcome to My Church, Thyatira” from Revelation 2:18-29. One of the things said about this church was that their last works were better than their first works. Would God say to you that your works today for Him are better than the first works? Has your work for the LORD changed thru time and how has it changed?

Please join me in praying for this week’s worship and message and please join me in worship and don’t forget our new challenge and join me in Bible Study!

See you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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