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September 16, 2016, 10:04 AM

Now Hear This

Thank you for all the cards, calls, wishes and gifts for my birthday! I am really blessed to have the family and friends that I am surrounded with and be able to serve as your pastor.



This coming Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm the Ordination Council will meet at 2:30 pm with the deacons to be ordained. There will be a dessert fellowship to follow. If you can, please bring cakes and or cookies.

There will be NO evening services this week.


SENIOR ADULT REVIVAL Sunday, 25th thru Wed. 28th

The first service will be Sunday evening at FBC, Clyde at 6pm. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a morning service and a noon meal to follow beginning each day at 10:45. We will serve as host church on Wednesday, 28th.



Seniors you are invited to this special dinner in your honor at our church on Saturday, September 24th at 5pm. If you would like a ride call the church office or one of our deacons. Please come and let us serve you and show you our appreciation for your commitment and service through the years to others.





For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land.  Ezekiel 36:24


On May 2, 1860 a man by the name of Theodor Herzl was born in Budapest, Hungary to a well-to-do middle class family. He did not live to see his dream completed but he is given credit as the founder of modern day Zionism and or the re-birth of the nation of Israel. He put a lot of work and time in organizing a group and writing a book, The Jewish State, 1896 (Der Judenstaat).

At the time the British controlled the land that is today Israel and in fact they offered land in Uganda, Africa for the Jews to have as homeland but because of the Jewish persecution during WWII and between the years of 1929 to 1939 immigration to what would become Israel exploded to 450,000. After the War and at the time that Israel became a Nation again the population was 650,000. Today a million others have come from various nations to live in their “homeland”.

This is just one of God’s many prophecies in scripture. He has brought Jews back to live in Israel, He will come again someday and take the church, His bride, to heaven and there will be a tribulation. You can trust God and His word to be true!


This week we will continue with our study and messages from the book of Revelation and look into chapter eleven. Chapter 11 is about the message that will be shared during tribulation and the witnesses that God will protect so that they can share God’s message.

You have heard me say this before and we will talk a little bit more about it this Sunday, yes I believe that people will have the opportunity and people will be saved during the tribulation, but I wouldn’t wait for it and or count it. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 verse 11 says “God will send a strong delusion that they should believe the lie.” If you continue reading, the point God is making is that if you reject the opportunity to get saved before tribulation and you choose to live in sin, then He is going to make it harder for you to accept what you have already been rejecting.

Please join with me in praying for this week’s message and worship.


PRAYER NEEDS; Praise for a kidney donor for Shea Leech he will get his new kidney this December! Praise for rain, Thank You LORD for continuing to send rain! Continue to pray for Jack Tucker (in the process of being moved from Hendrick to a care home), Keep all our upcoming activities in prayer.


Thanks for all your prayers, support and encouragement as your pastor! Thanks again for all the Birthday, wishes, cards, calls and gifts! See you in Worship and remember we are going to talk again this week in Revelation about the importance of getting saved “before Tribulation”.


You pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

September 9, 2016, 10:41 AM

The Word was with God

Psalm 141:1-3

LORD I cry out to You; make haste to me! Give ear to my voice when I cry out to You. Let my prayers be set before You as incense, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. Set a guard, O LORD over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.


Before I say anything else I would like to say something about last week’s email. If you still have it and you read it again you will notice I said “and the other IS LIKE two brothers who…” We do not have two brothers fighting in our church. I was using an illustration. The illustration is that like two brothers sometimes get into fights because they are brothers they get up and go about loving each other as brothers because they are part of the same family. Church members can be like that, they can at times not get along but then because they are family they get past their difference and continue being family and loving one another.

If you were or are still trying to figure out “who the brothers are the preacher is talking about” you can stop because that is not what was said. If you have been having conversations with others about “Who the fighting brothers could be” please speak to them again and share the truth that that was JUST AN ILLUSTRATION. Please let everyone know we do not have brothers fighting at PBC!



Saturday, September 24th at 5pm

We have not done one of these in awhile but our deacons would like to bring back the tradition of serving our Senior adults! If you are a senior, please mark your calendar and plan on joining us for this special meal and fellowship.



Sunday Evening, September 25th thru Wednesday, Sept. 28th

Sunday Service @ FBC, Clyde 6pm

Monday thru Wednesday there will be a morning service at a host church with a noon meal to follow. We are hosting the Wednesday service and noon meal.



Sunday, September 18th at 3:30 pm

We will have the ordination council meeting at 2:30, the Ordination service at 3:30 and a fellowship to follow with refreshments (not a meal).

We will not have an evening service on Sunday, September 18th.


Don’t forget: Operation Christmas Child (fill a shoe box or two or three), Mary Hill Davis State Missions offering (our offering to support mission work in our state) our goal is $1,000, this week (Sunday evening) is our monthly business meeting and fellowship meal.


Prayer needs: Jack Tucker (Hendrick hospital), Jeannie Fridrick (Shoulder surgery), Mark Childers is taking his dad today to meet with the doctors to discuss what action they will take (pray for the trip and the meeting to make the right choice), Prayer of praise for the donor for Shea and a new kidney (pray for the team of doctors as they meet to schedule the process), Brian Clifton and family (this is the weekend our son and his family are officially going in view of a call to be the Worship Minister at a church in California)


Pray for this week’s worship and message! Yes, we will continue our series on the book of Revelation. We are in chapter 10. As I have been preparing these messages one of the new things that seems to be appearing to me is the amount of focus that John is being given of God, Christ and heaven. The book of Revelation is about the end and the time of tribulation and all the bad stuff that is going to happen but the truth is that the Book of Revelation when you study it and think about it is about God and His glory and greatness and not “just tribulation”. To those who do not read it or want to study it because of the tribulation information, “you are missing out on great stuff about God”.

I don’t know if you have picked up on the pattern but during the first seven seals the first four are bad but the last three are even worse. There was a break after seal number six and before seal number seven was opened and the same pattern follows for the trumpets. Revelation chapters 10-11 are the break between trumpet numbers 6 and 7. Chapter 11 is the half way point to the book of Revelation and in the first 11 chapters we have read more about the Glory of God than the tribulation of earth.

I am not real certain if at this point Chapters 10 and 11 will be one message or two. I am still praying and working on that. To be honest one of my desires in sharing this sermon series has been to keep it fresh and new and not let it get overwhelming and too long.

Please be in prayer for this week’s message as it is still in preparation. A couple of questions for you to think about as we think ahead to Sunday and worship are: "Is this an Angel being described?" and "What is the purpose in eating a book?"

See you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith



September 6, 2016, 9:16 AM

The Moment of Silence


This will be our 7th baptism since the beginning of 2016! A couple of weeks ago young John Daniel Mason and his mom came up to me before church and John said “I want to be baptized like my Uncle Elton was recently.” That began a conversation and this last Sunday after church in my office John Daniel prayed and invited Jesus into his heart to be his savior! Don’t miss this Sunday as we celebrate with John and his family his salvation and baptism.



August was a month of both joy and sorrow. August is always a blessing because of our combined services and opportunities to fellowship and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I am not going to share all the details and most of you probably know most of the details but we had two situations happen that either of could have hurt us as a church family. The one looks like it is or has taken at least two adults away from our church family and possibly 3 teens, the other was like a wrestling match between brothers who were fighting for a moment but got up and went back to being brothers.

I shared that to say this, as your pastor I have been emphasizing that we PRAY MORE (our 2016 Prayer Challenge) and I have been this summer RAISING THE BAR IN THE AREA OF BIBLE STUDY. Satan doesn’t like it for us to want to Pray More or Study our Bible more, we might grow spiritually if we do that. He (that ugly devil) has tried to hurt us or stop us with some attacks this past month but the good news is GOD’S BLESSINGS ARE GREATER THAN Satan’s attacks! We had our highest attended worship service (134) of the summer in August! We had a couple Scot and Chayla Henderson join our church family in August! We baptized Catlyn and Ashtyn during the month of August! And now we are beginning September with another baptism!

Satan, leave us alone; you are no match for our GOD! Satan, you may attack but we will keep SERVING and LOVING OUR GOD! Satan, you cannot take away more than God can give!!!



We have lots of boxes so if you have not picked one up yet come and get one or two or three. We do not have to have them back until the first week of November so you have 8 weeks to fill as many boxes as you can.

We have 11 boxes returned and filled! Let’s give it our best effort and fill as many as we can!



September is when we annually take up our state missions offering for mission work in our own state of Texas. Our goal is $1,000 and we have mission offering envelopes available. Please be praying about the amount God would have you to give in support of this offering.



Sunday, September 18th at 3pm we will have our deacon ordination service. We will not have our evening service that Sunday. We are having our service in the afternoon to allow members of other churches who would like to be here the opportunity to come and then get back to their evening service.



Revelation 8:1 When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

Can you imagine “silence in heaven”? Do you remember chapter four and five which described the Throne in heaven and Worship in heaven and it talked about all the singing and praising and 4:5 even said ‘from the throne proceeded lightning’s, thundering, and voices? Why all of a sudden is it SILENT in heaven?

We learn in 8:3-4 that there is going to be a connection to Prayers. For one I believe this should give Christians assurance that “Prayers do make it to heaven, and therefore to God”! It should also tell us that “Prayers matter to God”. In John’s vision when the 7th sealed was opened it got silent in heaven for “half an hour”. HOW LONG IS HALF AN HOUR IN HEAVEN?

When you get that half an hour question figured out let me know. More important than that question is (in my opinion), why did it get silent? I hope you will join me this coming Sunday as we continue to study the book of Revelation with this sermon series.

This week we will cover chapter 8:1-13 and I am thinking strongly of covering thru chapter 9 so we can glance at all or the first six trumpets because they all are part of the huge reason for the silence in heaven. The message is still under some construction but at the moment I believe it is going to be titled: THE MOMENT OF SILENCE and our text will be Revelation 8:1-9:21.

Please come and join us for worship and this sermon series and please keep praying for God to guide the sermon preparation.


PRAYER NEEDS: Jack Tucker (Hendrick Hospital), Lynn Petterson, Paula Davis, Melvin’s 2nd cousin Danny was burned badly and taken to Lubbock, Jeannie Fredrich (shoulder surgery, 9-8), PRAISE FOR RAIN! (We had another 2 inches), Pray for continued unity, fellowship and growth.


Thanks for your prayers! See you Sunday!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

August 26, 2016, 9:18 AM

The Seal of the Living God

And I heard the number of those who were sealed. One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed… Revelation 7:4

From verse 5 thru 8 there are 12 names listed as tribes. Is this a complete list? Are all 12 of the original tribes listed?

Hint: No, not all of the tribes are mentioned. There is a tribe not mentioned at all and another that is referred to but not mentioned by its name. See if you can find the missing and not mentioned tribes.

Revelation chapter seven is a break in the opening of the seals. In Chapter six John saw the first six seals opened. Before the seventh seal is opened John has this vision shown to him in chapter seven of “The 144,000” and the question that many ask is who are these people?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. I took a Bible class at HPU way back in the late 70’s on the Book of Revelation. Our text book “Worthy is the Lamb” was written by Dr. Ray Summers. Dr. Summers for many years was the head of the New Testament department at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and he later became the chairman of the religion department at Baylor University in Waco.

Dr. Summers says in his book that “the 144,000 represent NOT Jewish Christians only but the whole body of believers.” That was what I learned and was taught many years ago. Since then I have read and studied books on Revelation by John Phillips, Adrian Rogers, David Jeremiah, W.A. Criswell, H.A. Ironside and other commentaries and the bottom line is there are many opinions and no one really knows with absolute 100% authority who the 144,000 are.

My opinion today is that the 144,000 represent Jews who become Christians during the tribulation. When I was just out of High School and taking my first college classes I believed Dr. Summers because I did not know any other teaching and since it was a Bible Class in a Bible University surely it had to be right. Through the years of studying on my own and digging into what it means because I want to learn and know and not just be told what to believe I think it makes more sense that the 144,000 are from Jews who become saved during tribulation.

Let me just say this and then we will move on to the rest of this email: I don’t want you to believe it just because I say it like I did with Dr. Summers. If you have time and can, do some research and study for yourself.

Join me Sunday and we will continue our series on the Book of Revelation. This week’s message is titled “THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD” and our text will be Revelation 7:1-17.

I probably took too much time and space talking about the 144,000 because when people get to chapter seven that seems to be the largest topic for discussion. It gets overlooked that if you ask me an even larger topic should be not just “who are they” but that they “are sealed” and their sealing is so important that orders are given to leave things alone until they are sealed.

Pray for this week’s message as we talk about THE PROMISE OF GOD’S SEAL, THE POWER OF GOD’S SEAL AND THE PLAN OF GOD’S SEAL!


It seems like yesterday we were just beginning the month of August and our services but we are at the end of the month and about to have our last service for this summer.

Join us this Sunday at Hamby Baptist Church for our SSSS at 6pm.


We have set goal of $1,000 for our State missions offering. There are envelopes available in the office, SS rooms and in the sanctuary. Please be praying for the amount God would have you give to support our mission work in our own state.


If you haven’t picked up your shoe box yet we have plenty. This year we also have a table set up in the fellowship hall for “extras”. If you are filling boxes and have extras from packages of items that you had to purchase more of than you needed, we are gathering the extras and hopefully can use all the extras to fill even more. As we have done in the past if you would like put a gift of money in an envelope and mark it “Shoe Box” and we will get someone to take it and fill a shoe box for you.


I would like to go ahead and start you to thinking about our upcoming Deacon ordination. We are looking at the date of September 18th.  We will let you know more of the details soon.


We welcome Scott and Chayla Henderson to our church family.

Prayer needs: June Dozier (eye illness), Landon Goets (grandson of Melvin and Ginger), Mark Childers dad, Praise for rain (we had over 5 inches last Saturday and Monday here at the church),

Special request: I met Tommy Clark a couple of weeks ago when I was asked to preach a funeral for a lady named Ammie Clark. Thru my visiting with Tommy and his family in planning his wife’s service I learned that Tommy was a retired lock-smith. He learned that we had many doors to our church and they were not all keyed alike. Guess what, he volunteered to come out and change that. He did come out and he taught me a lot as I tried to do as much for him as I could because his health is not that good, but he was very head strong about wanting come out and do something for us as a church. Great news is we now have all our six new doors keyed alike. The bad news is he may have over done it because I had to put him in one of our wheelchairs and get him back to his van, then his care giver, who was also with him, made him take a nitro pill then off to the ER they went. It is early as I am writing so I do not have the update yet and may not get it in time before this goes out so that is why I am asking that we all pray for Tommy Clark today. If you grab a get-well card and or thank you card fill it out to him and bring it to church or by the office and I will get them to him. He told me strongly that he would not take anything for what he did for the church but I don’t think cards count.

Thanks for all your prayers! Thanks for your love, support and encouragement!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

August 19, 2016, 9:50 AM

Who Will Be Able to Stand?

THANKS FOR SUPPORTING OUR SUPER SUMMER SERVICES! You all did well when we hosted and last Sunday evening when we went to Elmdale Baptist we had a very good number of our members there (actually I think we had the most). But that is not the point; the point is you guys are being a part of our joint services and fellowship and it is all going well. Thank you again for your participation!

Remember this week we will go to FBC, Eula at 6:00 pm for our next super summer service.


For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?

Revelation 6:17

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our LORD. Romans 6:23

We believe as Christians that God is who is being talked about in the phrase “His Wrath” and it is God who will someday judge man’s sin.

We also as Christians believe that our sin has been paid for in full by the blood of Jesus our Savior on the cross of Calvary!

Sadly, those who do not believe and trust in Jesus as their Savior “will not stand” because they will be judged and found guilty of their own sin.

This week we will continue our series of messages from the book of Revelation and this week we will look at chapter 6:1-17 and this week’s message will be titled “Who will be able to Stand?”

I don’t recommend waiting until after the rapture of the church to get your soul and heart right with God, but I do believe there will be one more opportunity during tribulation for people to get saved. In 6:9-10 there are “martyrs” who appear in heaven. The first question is when did these people arrive? Did they arrive during the tribulation or before the tribulation?

I don’t think there is enough proof either way to say, but it is possible they could have been saved during the tribulation, then killed for Jesus sake as Christians. One of my thoughts, and we will discuss it more Sunday, is that salvation though possible during tribulation will be much, much harder to achieve.

Chapter 6 begins the opening of the “Seals”. All the “Seals” are about the death and destruction that is going to be brought on by the tribulation.

I pray that you will join me this weekend as we worship and continue our series of messages in Revelation.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD…. our shoe boxes are ready for pick up! If you would like to donate to filling or shipping the boxes that would be great. It cost $7.50 to mail each box and for around $20 you can fill a box.

It is time for our committees to begin preparation for next year. If you are teaching, please be praying about whether or not God wants you to continue so that when you are asked soon by the committee you will have an answer. If you are not teaching but would like to, please let me or someone on the Nominating committee know.

If you are on one of our ministry teams, please be thinking about a budget request to turn in to our finance committee.


COMING IN SEPTEMBER …SENIOR ADULT REVIVAL!!! It will begin on Sunday evening September 25th at FBC, Clyde and there will be morning services Monday -Wednesday with a meal to follow each day. We will host Wednesday’s service.

We are also working on having our Deacon Ordination Service in September so be watching for more details to come about that.

I will let you know more details as they are worked out, but we are also working on having Dr. Freed again come and speak. He is the Christian Jew who spoke last year and did a question and answer time. This time his daughter who plays the harp is coming as well to bless us with some

music. We will work this around all of our other Sept activities or even into early October.

Prayer needs: Joe Polk (heart), Paula Davis, Thanks for rain and need for more, The beginning of a new school year, Praise for God’s blessings


Thanks for all your prayers, encouragement and support! See you this weekend in Worship and Bible Study.

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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