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November 4, 2016, 9:45 AM

The Religion of Tribulation

It is almost over and I can promise you that no one is going to be sad that is over. That is what I have been hearing and that people are getting exhausted with this election and will be ready to relax. On a serious note, I hope that if you have not voted early you will go next week on election day and caste a vote.

When you read Revelation 18 you read words and phrases like “the abundance of her luxury”, “she glorified herself and lived luxuriously”, “lived luxuriously with her” and “in one hour such great riches came to nothing.” Chapter 17 and 18 are talking about Babylon and many think and I agree that Babylon in these two chapters is referring to the religion of the tribulation period and probably either a place and a political power or at least a political power.

It is also thought that the political power comes from the religion and power that the “One Church” of the tribulation grows into but the power from the church turns on the church to do away with the church.

Since there is so much said about the wealth of the church during the tribulation I thought I would research the “Top Ten Wealthiest” churches today. (In case the LORD returns soon and one of them may be the one to take over during tribulation)

10. Church of Scientology

9. Free Masonry

8. Protestantism

7. Televangelist

6. Episcopalian Church

5. Church of England

4. Church of Latter Day Saints

3. Judaism

2. and 1.    You must come to church to hear who they are!

And for fun I looked up the top ten wealthiest pastors (by the way I am not one of them).

10. Rick Warren   9. Franklin Graham 8. Ed Young 7. Eddi Long 6. Joel Osteen 5. Benny Henn 4. Charles Blalie 3. John Hagee 2. Kenneth Copeland 1. Creflo Dallar


To tell you the truth I do not know what religion is going to be the church of the tribulation time, and it may not even already exist and I am not even going to be around to find out, so some may ask why are we even talking about it? My answer is because if we know that it is a real thing that is going to happen and it is going to cause people to be lost and die without Jesus then we should be desiring to be stronger witnesses today so our family and friends can get saved and not have to go thru any of the tribulation.

I pray that you will join me this Sunday as we “The Religion of Tribulation” in Revelation 17-18


Operation Christmas Child

Our boxes need to be in this week! If you still have your boxes, please fill them and get them back to us this weekend. If you do not get them to us this weekend. If you do not get them to us on time hopefully you will have time to take them directly to FBC Abilene the collection center. Thank you to all who have helped us with this ministry this year! So far we have 160 filled and ready to go and I believe we will have many more that will come in this weekend


Remember we are trying to get all our preliminary work finished for this coming business meeting. The Nominating, Personnel and Budget are each trying to have all their reports and recommendations ready to give at this months’ business meeting.

If you are on the Personnel committee there will be a meeting of your committee this coming SUNDAY AFTERNOON! Call the office or Tim Richards for a time.


Remember our Thanksgiving Fellowship meal is this month(the 20th)! There is a sign-up list outside the sanctuary to list what you would bring for food and dessert.

There is also a sign-up list for this years’ poinsettias. It is also on the table outside the sanctuary.


Prayer list: James Burleson and family death of his sister Jan Loper, Ken Childers (Mark’s dad recovering from surgery), Debbie Maxwell (Melissa B mom surgery Friday morning), Sandy Clifton (has a bleeding artery that needs to be fixed)


Thank you for your prayers. See you Sunday!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

October 28, 2016, 9:20 AM

Lord's Supper Service

Since early voting has begun and the election is getting very close I feel in it my heart that I should say something about it. I don’t feel that I should tell you who to vote for (though as a human being not a pastor I would love to tell everyone to vote the same way I voted). Also, I have written in a little more detail about voting in November’s Newsletter so you will get that soon and can read it then.

I would like to encourage you to do this: read Ephesians 5:15-17 before you vote and then pray for God to show you “His Will” and how what His Word says and Will is should show you how to vote. Let me encourage you to do this: “tune out” the influence of the media and the bias of your friends and listen to what God is saying.

I am trying to encourage you to vote without telling you who to vote for but I would also like to say that as you read Ephesians and pray about God’s Will remember Satan is a liar and deceiver and he (the devil) will do all he can to distract you and get you to vote or not vote without even thinking about what God says about what is happening (evil) in our world around us. Simply put let me say this if there are platforms and issues in this election or any election that will allow the devil to keep destroying people, don’t you think that is against God’s Will and should not be something or someone who gets a Christian vote.

We will put our series of messages on the book of Revelation on hold for a Sunday and this coming Sunday our message, focus and theme for worship will be all about the LORD’s Supper. Paul says in I Corinthians 11:26 “As often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the LORD’s death till He comes.”

Join us this Sunday as we Proclaim our LORD’s death and victory for our salvation! Please be in prayer for this week’s worship as we share the LORD’s supper together.




Not this weekend

Time change will be 11-6-2016



Operation Christmas Child

I don’t know how close to our 200 box goal we will reach but we are getting really close to 150! We only have a couple of weeks until they must be taken to the collection center for our area or they will not be shipped to any children this Christmas. Please bring your boxes in soon and if you can we still have some empty boxes that can be filled. We still have a few empty boxes if you would like to do one more in the next week or so.

*We also have 35 more boxes that have been filled with lots of the extra gifts and goodies, all they need is the shipping donation of $7 each.



Our State Missions offering is just about to come to an end for this year. Bring and extra dollar or two and we will take up an ingathering offering for “State Missions” this Sunday!


There will be a meeting of the personnel committee this Sunday (10-30-16) at 5pm. Those on this committee are Mike Price, Jim Curtis, Jim Davis and Tim Richards.


Coming Soon: Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal Sunday, Nov. 20th


Just a Reminder: We are moving more into the technology world and with our office updates and website updates beginning in JANUARY 2017 our monthly newsletter will be online. If you do not have a computer and you are not hooked up to an internet we will mail out a hard copy. 



Saturday, October 29th beginning at 5:30pm


PRAYER NEEDS: Ken Childers (Mark’s dad, surgery to remove cancer spot), Jeffery Loper (James B’s nephew Hendrick), Lynn Peterson (surgery to remove cancer, home recovering), Larry &Vicki Thornton’s daughter Heather recovering from motorcycle accident, Larry Thornton (health), Frank Healer (health), Linda Mayfield (health)


Thank you for all your prayers and support! See you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith


October 14, 2016, 8:34 AM

Led by the Lamb or Bossed by the Beast

Last Sunday we talked about the “Evil Trinity” which is the Devil, the antichrist and the false prophet. We talked about how the Devil wants to be like God but instead of loving, caring and providing for the Devil and his trio only wants to destroy. They are very deceptive. They appear to be kind or loving at first but the truth is they are leading people down a path to destruction.

Revelation 14:9-10 “Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, if anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or hand he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Lamb.”

This Sunday as we continue our series in Revelation we will be in chapter 14. This Sunday’s message is “LED BY THE LAMB OR BOSSED BY THE BEAST”. The point is the decision is yours to make. No one can make it for you and refusing to pick is actually a decision in itself.

25 years ago as a much younger minister I had the opportunity to witness to a man and after sharing with Him God’s salvation he told me that he knew he should accept God and become a Christian but first he needed to do some things to clean up his life, such as stop drinking; then he said, he would say yes to God and become a Christian. Thankfully after more time, prayer and witnessing the man did become a Christian.

I shared that to say this, just because you know it is the right thing to do and or intend to do it later doesn’t make you a Christian. The decision to postpone it or put it off for another day is the same as saying no. Thankfully that man did give his heart and life to God before it was too late and today because he died a few years ago as a Christian he is in heaven.

What if you die or the rapture comes while you are in that “I am still trying to decide” time? Do you think God is going to say go ahead and take another second or two then I will tell you what is going to happen to you? I think the Bible is pretty clear when He comes back or if you die the state your soul is in at that moment (either lost or saved) will determine if you get to spend your eternity with God in heaven or apart from God in hell. There is no in between place for those who can’t make up their mind!

Which group are you in? Are you being “led by the LORD, the Lamb” or are you being “Bossed by the Beast, the devil”?


Things to Remember:

                Our Missions offering for Texas…

                Our Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child

                Trunk or Treat….

                LORD’s Supper service… last Sunday of October


Prayer needs:

                Darrren Belyeu (shoulder surgery)

                Chelsey (Darren and Tammie’s daughter) her pregnancy

                Linda Mayfield (heart, had a pacemaker put in to help her heart)

                Will Moon (stage three cancer)

                Ken Childers (Mark’s dad)

                Frank Healer (heart)

                Larry Thornton (health)

Update on our kids: Our son Brian and his oldest daughter and their pet dog left Abilene early Wednesday morning driving to and made it to their new home in California late Thursday evening. By the time you are reading this our daughter in law and their baby will be on a plane on their way to California. Teresa and I are proud of our kids and their new ministry and church but life is going to be different without them right here in the same town.


Thanks for your prayers and support. See you in worship this Sunday!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith


October 7, 2016, 9:33 AM

Evil Trinity

We have already talked about Revelation 7 in our series and the “sealing of 144,000” from the tribes of Israel. One of my questions to myself about the saving of the Jews during tribulation is “who is witnessing to them?” I am not questioning God and or their salvation but if all the church/Christians are raptured who will be a witness?

I don’t know that it answers it completely but it helps and that is the effort of Dr. Daniel Fried and the Hope for Israel Mission which is printing New Testaments and taking them to Israel so that Jews can read about salvation today from the New Testament and if they do not get saved today hopefully they will find and read one of these during the tribulation.

I don’t agree with everything Dr. Fried believes or preaches but I do agree with the ministry to reach the Jewish people with the gospel. Dr. Fried is a Jew who is saved and wants to share the message of salvation to the world. He is an evangelist who is preaching salvation.  His daughter is a very talented and gifted harpist and we were blessed to have them minister to us this past Sunday.

Senior Adult day at BCBA in Lueders is coming October 11th. I think it is interesting since we have recently had a Jew, Dr. Fried come and speak that we have an opportunity to hear a missionary from Israel speak during the Senior Adult Day at BCBA. For more info on this you can check out the attachment to this week’s email.


BUSINESS MEETING AND MEAL this coming Sunday evening. We will meet at 6 and our meal this month is Soups & desserts.


Don’t forget Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box and our State Missions offering (November will be here before you know it).


PRAYER: Larry Thornton (health), Frank Healer (heart), Blaine Newman (Tammy Tucker’s son),


Pray for this week’s worship and message please. We will continue our series in Revelation and this week we will be in Revelation chapter 13. Chapter 13 tells us of the Beast that comes rising up out of the sea and the Beast that comes up out of the earth. When you the dragon from chapter 12 and two beasts in chapter 13 this is like the “EVIL TRINITY”. One of the beasts is the Antichrist and the other is the false prophet for the Antichrist and the dragon is the devil and they are all working together to destroy man and God’s creation.

Satan wants to be like God so badly that he will do anything to appear to be like God. We have God our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit the Holy Trinity! Satan is not God and will never be God but to copy God he has the Antichrist which is his version of our Savior and he will have the false prophet which in my opinion is not even close to our Holy Spirit but will be Satan’s version to the world.

A few things to consider as we look ahead to this coming Sunday’s message about the difference between the Antichrist and the True and One and Only Christ; Christ came from Heaven above, the antichrist comes from below, Christ came in God’s Name, the antichrist comes in his own name, Christ came and was despised, the antichrist will be admired, Christ came to do God’s will, the antichrist will do his own will, Christ is the “Son of God” and the Antichrist is the “Son of Perdition”.

That is not the full list of differences but that gives you an idea of how the antichrist who is wanting to be like Christ is not like Jesus at all. Chapter 13 ends with “the Mark”. Sadly, once the mark is received salvation is too late. We need to be trying to lead our lost friends and family to Christ and Salvation today because it is going to get difficult during tribulation and I believe impossible with the mark.

Join me this Sunday as we talk more about the “Evil Trinity”!

See you in worship!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

September 30, 2016, 9:17 AM

Bible Prophecy for Israel


This Sunday, October 2nd we will have a day of special services. Sunday morning during our 10:45 am worship we will have a guest speaker and guest musician. Dr. Daniel Fried will be speaking and his daughter Naomi is a Harpist and is bringing her 7-foot concert harp to play. Dr. Fried is a Christian Jew and witness to his homeland about Jesus. He is leading the fund raising for New Testaments printed in Hebrew to give to as many as he can witness to in Israel.

Sunday evening, we will have a meal at 5pm and another concert by Naomi with her harp followed by a question and answer time with Dr. Fried.


Come by the church and do some shopping and support our women’s ministry as they host their annual “Christmas Bazar”. This Saturday, October 1st from 9am to 3pm.


We still have shoeboxes if you have not yet picked yours up. We also have a display in the hallway for overage to help more boxes. As you purchase items for filling your box or boxes what you may have left you can add to the display table and it will be used to fill other boxes. If you would like you can give money and will get the items for you and fill a box. Remember our goal is 200 boxes by November’s turn in date.


Just a little longer and then it will be time to switch from our State mission offering to our World Wide Mission offering. If you haven’t already I pray you will give soon to our State mission offering.



Nominating Committee… Monday, 10/3 @ 6:30 pm

Kirby Krupa, Vicki Thornton, Phillip Hall, Judy Favor

Stewardship/Finance Committee…. Thursday, 10/6 @ 6pm

Terri Childers, Sendy Bolin, Brenda Price, Dan Fryer, Gretchen Hendley, Frank Healer




I would like to say thanks to you all for being good hosts! When we are called upon by our association to host meetings you always do a great job! I think this year’s Senior Adult Revival was a good one.

Thank you ladies in our kitchen ministry! Thank you for making every meal special and for serving and giving of your time to serve others.

Thank you deacons for the Senior Adult Dinner! It was a great time of fellowship and you prepared and served a great meal. Everyone who came was truly blessed because you served them well.

Thank you Tammy Tucker. We have more than just a church secretary in Tammy. When we need a pianist for a funeral or senior adult revival service she is always willing to help. When the preacher needs help decorating she is there. When the Joy ministry or kitchen ministry or other ministries we may have need a hand she is helping. Thanks Tammy for going above and beyond and doing lots more than your job requires.

Thank you Kyle and Rhonda Swinney for volunteering to teach a children’s Sunday school class. The children and their parents are excited that you are teaching. The children are learning and enjoying being in your class and the parents are thrilled that their children are happy to be in your class learning. Great job, thanks!



Larry Thornton (health), Frank Healer (heart procedure), Ken Childers (Mark’s dad), ladies traveling to San Antonio for women’s conference, Kyle Clifton (my brother… starting a new business & not going well)


Do you know God and or does God know you?

But then, indeed when you did not know God, you served those which by nature are not gods. But now after you have known God, or rather are known by God, how is it that you turn again to the weak and beggarly element, to which you desire again to be in bondage? Galatians 4:8-9

Knowing God is important and if you know Him as Paul is saying you shouldn’t want to go backwards and live like you used to when you did not know God. It is sad but I am afraid we are seeing too many people who are wanting to call themselves Christians because they claim that they know God but the part of the equation they are overlooking is that “or rather are known by God” part.

Take a moment and think about it and read Matthew 7:21-23 and ask yourself again do you know God and you know that God knows you or is your thinking actually one sided and in danger of hearing someday “I never knew you”?

See you Sunday! Come and study God’s word with us in Bible study and join us as we Worship our Savior!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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