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July 21, 2017, 10:17 AM


During the French Revolution, there were three Christians who were sentenced to die by the guillotine.  One Christian had the gift of faith, the other had the gift of prophecy, the other had the gift of helps.


The Christian with the gift of faith was to be executed first.  He was asked if he wanted to wear a hood over his head.  He declined and said he was not afraid to die.  "I have faith that God will deliver me!" he shouted bravely.  His head was positioned under the guillotine, with his neck on the chopping block.  He looked up at the sharp blade, said a short prayer and waited confidently.  The rope was pulled, but nothing happened.

His executioners were amazed and, believing that this must have been an act of God, they freed the man.


The Christian with the gift of prophecy was next.  His head was positioned under the guillotine blade and he too was asked if he wanted the hood.


"No," he said, "I am not afraid to die.  However, I predict that God will deliver me from this guillotine!" At that, the rope was pulled and again, nothing happened.  Once, again the puzzled executioners assumed this must be a miracle of God, and they freed the man.


The third Christian, with the gift of helps, was next.  He was brought to the guillotine and likewise asked if he wanted to wear a hood.


"No," he said, "I'm just as brave as those other two guys." The executioners then positioned him face up under the guillotine and were about to pull the rope when the man stopped them.  "Hey wait a minute," he said.  "I think I just found the problem with your guillotine."


As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. I Peter 4:10


Do you know what your “spiritual gift” is?

Are you using your “spiritual gift”?


Romans 12











1 Corinthians 12












tongues interpretation



Ephesians 4







Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. (Romans 12:4-6a)


If you have time you can go to Spiritual Gifts Test-LifeWay Christian Resources and you can down load a test to take to help you discover your spiritual gift or you can go to and take an easy 35 question test and get your gift results in seconds. I did it in just a couple of minutes and not rely surprising to me I scored the highest in three gifts with the same score in each (Teaching, Service and Exhortation)

I pray you will join me this week in worship as we continue our series on “Keys to a successful Church”. This week our message will be “Keys to a successful church, GIFTS” AND OUR TEXT WILL BE I Peter 4:10-11.


PRAYER NEEDS: Gale Curtis (home recovering from surgery), Joe Polk (home doing much better), Bettie Mashburn (is back at the Nursing home), Ashley Jameson (Hospice hospital, a young mother with two very young children), Larry Thornton, Joan & Larry’s niece (Krissy Clark), Lavonne Jaramillo


Remember Sunday Evening’s fellowship & pounding!

To welcome our new youth minister, we are going to have a fellowship this Sunday evening (7-23-17) at 6pm. Bring your gift cards/pounding items and desserts or chips and dips for the fellowship and come join in the welcoming of Hunter Brown to PBC.

The day is almost here! Next week the new projectors and screens will be put in the sanctuary. This has been part of our fund raising and process to improve our sound and visual equipment for the past several years. The new screens and projectors will balance our worship with better visual access from all the sanctuary. In step one we put in some new equipment and mic’s and now in step two projectors, screens and computer. We need to raise some more finances to complete step three which will be recording! When we get to step three we will be able to put our services and sermons on the web page for those who could not attend to watch! We can also place screens in the hallway for those who step out to be able to see what is happening in the sanctuary. We are not there yet but it is exciting to know that we are getting closer!

Thanks for your prayers and I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend! I pray you will join in our Sunday Worship Service!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

July 7, 2017, 10:55 AM


Zoo Unity

A man passed by a cage at the zoo and noticed that in the cage was both a large lion and an active monkey.

He saw a zoo worker nearby and asked, ‘How does that work having both a lion and a monkey in the same cage?

It works ok for the most part, replied the worker.

Do they ever not get along? Asked the man

Every once in a while, the worker said.

What happens then? The man asked.

We just get a new monkey, said the worker.


“Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common”, Acts 2:44


3500 to 4500 churches close their doors every year (that is and average of 10 to 13 churches everyday closing their doors)

Half of all churches added NO-ONE in the past year by conversion

Churches loss 2,765,000 each year to nominal issues

1400 pastors leave the ministry every month

In the past 5 years 10,000 churches have closed in the U.S.

60% of Christians say they are deeply committed to their faith, only 1 in 4 have a place of service in their church

Less than 50% say the Bible is totally accurate, only 1 in 3 believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith with others

Dr. Jim Feeney in his 8 damaging trends

               Diminishing Doctrinal Preaching with more and more church members not bringing Bibles

               More and More “Me-centered” worship instead of God-centered

               Fewer and Fewer “Gifts of the Spirit” (being taught, shared)

               Fewer and Fewer “Prayer services”

               Very few testimonies in church anymore

In Acts “THE FIRST CHURCH” was a church operating under the power of the Holy Spirit and it was a church on a mission to take the gospel to the world. The FIRST CHURCH was excited to share Jesus and committed to obedience and worship. THE FIRST CHURCH was a VITAL, GROWING CHURCH WITH FELLOWSHIP AND UNITY.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be a part of THE FIRST CHURCH than a part of a declining church.

I pray that you will join me in praying for this week’s message and worship as we look at the FIRST CHURCH in Acts 2:40-47.



6pm fellowship meal meeting to follow

In this meeting: The personal committee will recommend that the church call by vote HUNTER BROWN to be our Youth Minister with an annual salary of $10,400 or $200 weekly. Hunter grew up in Clyde, TX is living in Abilene and currently a Master’s student in the Bible department of HSU. Our committee is unanimous in its decision to present Hunter as our next youth minister and this has been a process of prayer and meetings that have been taking place over a two-month period. We are excited to be presenting Hunter and look forward to God’s continued blessing upon our youth and their families.

Also in this meeting, the deacons will recommend that the church purchase a Canon IRC 5235a from “ALL COPY” at a cost of $4500 with an annual contract for maintenance of $250 for 1500 copies monthly. Our old machine which lasted longer than normal (7 years) is gone. It completely died a couple of weeks ago and we have been using this machine since and in all our research and looking with other copier companies this is the “best buy”.


Coming Soon

Super Summer Sunday Services! All the month of August, we will host the first Sunday evening on August 6th.

It is time to begin filling “SHOE BOXES” for Operation Christmas Child. We are continuing to look daily at the order site to get our boxes and as soon as they make it available to order we will get them shipped to us.



A Praise Darren B. has been cleared by his heart doctor to have his shoulder surgery, Mike Collier, Gail Curtis surgery 18th of July, Jerry & Shirley Harkrider’s son Tim will have hip surgery on 17th of July, Bro. Tom is at home and continuing to recover



See you in worship!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

May 15, 2017, 9:46 AM

Naomi: Sovereign Faith


A young man was standing at the grocery store checkout line when he noticed an elderly woman in front of him. As she unloaded her grocery cart, she kept looking up and staring at him. After a few awkward moments, he asked, “Why do you keep staring at me?” The woman said, “I'm sorry, but it's just that you look exactly like my son who recently died." "I'm so sorry to hear that," the young man replied. "Is there anything I can do for you?" "Yes," she said. “As I leave, if you would say, 'Goodbye, Mother' it would make me feel so much better because I need closure." "I’d be glad to do that for you," he answered. As the old woman was leaving, he called out, "Goodbye, Mother!" After unloading his cart, the bill came to $147.50. "How can that be?" he asked the clerk. "I only purchased a few items." “Oh,” the clerk replied, "your mother said that you would pay for her." - Kent Crockett’s Sermon Illustrations,


Last week we talked about Jochebed and her Glorious (or extreme) Faith. We talked about how important her faith was to her life and how it wasn’t just a faith of words but of action also. We also talked about how her faith impacted her family. Jochebed’s faith is a notable example of strong faith for each of us to follow and learn from. I still do not know the answer to this question, HOW LONG DID IT TAKE HER LET GO OF THE BASKET THAT SHE HAD PUT BABY MOSES IN? But I do know that she did let go, and that was because she had an Extreme, Glorious Faith that was strong enough to see her thru what was happening in her life.



This week we are going to look at the faith of Naomi. To be honest as I started preparing for this month’s series of messages on the faith of different woman in the Bible Naomi wasn’t on my list. Ruth was on my list and as I was doing some reading and study I read a comment on Ruth 1:1 which was talking about the word “dwell” or “sojourn” in some translations and the statement was made that it meant a “short- time”. The thought was that Elimelech intended to move his family away for a short-time but he intended to bring them back.

Immediately my mind began to think of the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I began to dig deeper into the first few verses and the story of Elimelech and Naomi and the next thing I knew I was in the middle of writing this week’s message.

This week’s message is “Naomi, Sovereign Faith” and our text will be Ruth 1:1-13. A verse that helps to understand what was happening in Naomi’s life is the last verse of the previous book, Judges. It says, “in those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” The family should have never left but they did. Like everyone else they were doing what they pleased to do even though it was wrong.

There are several lessons we can learn from Naomi’s Faith like “Moving away from a problem doesn’t make problems go away” and “Good intentions cannot replace Obedience to God”. I pray that you will join me this week as we continue to learn from the faith of different women in our Bible.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we will have another “Church @ Home” this coming Sunday.


Church @ Home, Sunday May 14th

Pick a time/place to gather your family (anytime in the afternoon or early evening on Sunday, May 14

Read Proverbs 31:10-31

Share memories of the ways your mother has influenced your life

Share ways you can encourage younger mothers or honor older mothers in your family

Spend time praying for mothers



Our business meeting and fellowship meal will be moved to Sunday, May 21st.


Prayer needs: Bro. Tom Satterwhite (Hendrick rehab), Thomas Bryan, Christy Clark (niece of Joan and Larry),



June 11-15   6 to 8:30 pm




One blistering hot day when they had guests for dinner, Mother asked 4-year old Johnny to return thanks. "But I don't know what to say!" the boy complained. "Oh, just say what you hear me say" his mother replied. Obediently the boy bowed his head and mumbled, "Oh Lord, why did I invite these people over on a hot day like this?" – copied


Say a pray for your mothers, bring your mom to church this Sunday to worship as a family. See you Sunday!


Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

April 28, 2017, 8:42 AM

The Death of the Cross

I wander do people really know what a “Myth” is because I read the headline to an article recently (I didn’t read the article by the way because of the headline) and this is what it said, 8 Myths about “The Wizard of Oz” (some of which are true). My first thought was how can any of the “myths” be true because isn’t that what a myth is? In fact, if you look up the definition of myth it will say a widely held but false belief or idea.

As I said I did not read that story but sadly there are too many people in our world today that are both sharing “myths” as truth and people believing others “myths” as truth.

Some of the myths out there being told as truth are there are many ways to salvation, there is no hell and everyone is going to heaven, people do not sin and do not need a savior and Jesus was a good person but He is not God.

This Sunday we are going to continue our theme of messages on the cross. This week’s message is “The Death of the Cross” and our text will be Philippians 2:8 “And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.”

“Even the death of the cross”, wow it is not just that Jesus died for our sins but He humbled Himself and died a death on the cross. We learn thru O.T. scriptures like Deuteronomy 21:23 that whoever is hanged on a tree (cross) is accursed of God.

We are going to talk about the “curse of sin” and the “curse of the cross” and how since Jesus took on our sin and died on a cross, He redeemed us! We are redeemed thru the blood of Jesus! We should have paid for our own sin, but Jesus carried our sin on the cross so that we would not have to, that is REDEEMPTION!

I pray that you will join me in praying for this week’s message and worship.



The youth raised over $2,000!


OPEN HOUSE: Potosi Methodist Church is having an open house for their new fellowship hall on Sunday, May 7 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. We are invited to attend and to celebrate the rebuilding of their church following the devastating fire.


THE RANGER BASEBALL GAME TRIP HAS BEEN CANCELED. Thank you Ken for all your work in seeking to make this trip happen.


PRAYER NEEDS: Ginger Faircloth, Patsy Thompson, Frank Wiese


Don’t forget May’s newsletter will be posted soon.


Thanks for your prayers, see you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

April 21, 2017, 11:21 AM

You're Kidding Me

Wow Easter sure came and went in a hurry, we had a great Easter Sunday Service. Thanks to everyone for coming and Thanks to Tammy and Mike for the special testimony and special music!

Thanks to everyone for bringing all the Easter Eggs, thanks for making the children’s egg hunt a big blessing!

Last Sunday our message was “You are Killing Me” and we talked about the different rolls people played in “Killing Jesus” this week we are message is going to be “YOU’RE KIDDING ME” and we are going to talk about Jesus and His resurrection. I can imagine that when the news the tomb was empty reached the chief priests, that with a puzzled look on their faces the words “You are kidding me” or something close to them were spoken.

Matthew 28:17 “When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted.” “You are kidding me, right” they saw Him and yet they still doubted!

Sadly, there were those who did not believe that Jesus was alive then and there are still those who do not believe that Jesus rose from the grave. For years, many have believed that His body was just stolen or moved.

Come and join me this Sunday as we continue are messages this month about the cross.



This coming Sunday, April 23 following our morning service there will be a “Mexican Pile-On” lunch and dessert auction. All donations and monies given will help with summer camp and activities.


This coming Sunday morning just after the service there will be a meeting to discuss the game trip, please attend if you are going.



Saturday, April 29th there will be a church work day. Please come and help us work on some church projects that need our attention.


Pray for: The Hollingshead family and the death of Dale, Patsy Thompson (Hendrick Hospital), Ginger F. (Hendrick Hospital), Judy Favor, Debbie Underwood,


See you in worship, Jesus is Risen!

Your pastor and friend

Bro. Keith

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