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September 29, 2017, 8:49 AM

A Heart that is Ready

Our theme verse for this week’s revival in Ira was Psalm 61:2 “When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

We talked each service about things that “overwhelm” our hearts and the kind of hearts God wants us to have. Our series of messages included “A HEART THAT IS CLEAN”, “A HEART THAT CARES”, “A HEART THAT SHARES”, “A HEART THAT IS FREE” AND “A HEART THAT IS READY”.

It is “A Heart that is Ready” that I would like to share with you this Sunday in our worship. Our text for this message is taken from 2Kings 20 and is about King Hezekiah and God extending his life 15 more years.

In 20:1 God told Hezekiah “Set your house in order”. My question is “What did Hezekiah have to do to set his house in order?” If you back up to 2 Kings 18:1-5 it is said that Hezekiah was a great king and there was not a king like him ever before or after. It is also said that he was a very godly king destroying idol worship and restoring “True worship”. I really believe king Hezekiah was a Christian so “what did he have to set in order?”

Please join me in praying for this week’s message and join me in this week’s service as we worship and seek to give God “A Heart that is Ready”.




October 18th from 5 to 7 pm MUSTARD SEED MINISTRY

October 15th Baptism Service

October 21st Car Show and Ladies Bazaar

October 22nd 50th Wedding anniversary for Derriel and Janet Smith



Operation Christmas Child: Shoe Boxes

State Missions offering: Will benefit Texas Baptist Men disaster relief




This week the couple I would like to highlight is Kevin and Linda Parker. Kevin and Linda joined our church not long after I came back in 2009. I remember back then we had a need for a children’s S.S teacher and we began announcing the need and it wasn’t long that Linda came up to me after one of our services and shared that God was putting it on her heart to teach and that was the beginning of their serving here. Today she is still teaching and we are blessed to have her in our children’s department. You see Kevin each week setting in the Video booth operating our visual needs for worship. I think it is a blessing to our church to have a couple who also are “Foster Parents”.  It is a blessing to know that children are getting to live with godly people and we as a church also get to love on the children that they are taking care of. Thank you, Kevin and Linda, for being part of Potosi Baptist Church.


Prayer needs: Praise for the rain!  Mike’s dad (heart bypass), Melissa’s mom (knee surgery), Pat Smith, Lynn Peterson, The Satterwhite’s, Gail Curtis,

Thank you, Hunter for doing another outstanding job! We are blessed to have Hunter as a member of our church staff!

Looking forward to worshipping this Sunday, see you then!

Your Pastor and Friend

Bro. Keith

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